Aadi’s story


A story about Aadi, and his day at school where he encounters anger.

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Aadi and the Brain Besties have a tough day at school! A Heads Up CIC story from experienced psychological therapist Carol Grimes, exploring anxiety through engaging storytelling and fun characters!

Join Aadi in his school day, encountering frustration during lessons when he’s unable to understand the work. With his Brain Besties, Myg, Evi and Cam, Aadi learns to confront anger and deal with it in productive ways.

Aadi’s story is written and edited by Carol Grimes, a psychological therapist with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Emily’s experience is based upon real life happenings, and carefully crafted in order to develop the emotional literacy skills of children. Designed to present complex emotions in a relatable and understandable way for young people, Aadi’s story is part of a trio of stand-alone storybooks, ideal for accompanying emotional literacy and education practices.

With colourful and zany illustrations from Matt Smith!

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