Home Schooling Pack


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An emotional literacy package, containing a range of resources for formal and informal development of mental health and well being skills.

Designed by an experienced cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT) with young children in mind, our home schooling pack is ideal for those hoping to encourage emotional literacy and intelligence among children, with accessible resources providing a vast array of zany characters and activities, through which understanding can grow.


Inside the pack, you’ll find a range of products, including:

  • Lesson planning guidance (our specialised guide to integrating developmental themes into an accessible format)
  • Pupil workbook
  • A puzzle book
  • Well-being workbook
  • 3 story books exploring emotional intelligence through relatable characters and scenarios
  • Hard back journal
  • Positivity pad
  • Reversible Brain Bestie


Equivalent individually to the retail sum of £70, the home education pack effectively and efficiently collects the array of valuable resources to provide the ideal kit to develop emotional literacy in home, with lesson plans allowing for either a formal or informal delivery of this range of resources.