The Heads Up Journal


The Heads Up Journal has been developed to help children to recognise and manage thoughts and emotions. It focuses on the development of self esteem, which is essential for positive mental health and wellbeing.

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Designed by a physiological therapist, our emotional well-being journals promote emotional literacy and development. Through daily engagement, the journal is designed to encourage reflection on thoughts, feelings and actions, utilising characters and activities.

With a high quality soft touch laminate, our journal has received a hardback-covered upgrade and durable design.

Featuring a wide range of engaging and educational materials, the daily mindfulness journal can be used alongside emotional wellness tools to build skills in identifying and confronting difficult emotions. Developing this ability is key to ensuring your child is able to take on emotionally complex situations and encourage them to embrace mentally healthy practices in their daily lives as they grow.

A range of our Heads Up characters feature throughout the pages, with the zany Brain Besties helping engage with your child, and translate often confusing concepts into an accessible format!

Grab your emotional literacy journal today, or combine the Heads Up Journal with a range of other activities and resources in our specially designed Home Schooling Pack.

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