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What we do

Heads Up Ltd CIC, is located in the North East of England. It is a Community Interest Company (CIC) dedicated to improving mental wellness and emotional literacy in children and young people in the local community.

During the course and even now in class the children talk about Myg and Evi and can be heard saying "Evi would do this" or "Myg would do this" and the children talk about how they would react or help out in different situations.

Class teacher, local primary school

Courses for children

By giving younger children the skills to recognise and express thoughts and feelings, they can develop the tools to address the difficult emotions and emotional distress that many experience within their lives.

In our course 'Developing Emotional Literacy in Young Children' we introduce the children to Myg, Evi and Cam.

Myg, Evi and Cam are ‘Brain Besties’.

Brain Besties are the characters utilised throughout our work with young children, to simplify the identification and expression of complex emotions.

Through a built familiarity with the characters, younger children begin to recognise, express and tolerate a variety of emotions that occur within differing situations.

Myg, Evi and Cam are vibrant characters, and encourage learning through play, whilst advancing emotional communication.

"Katy and Carol are amazing nice people, they have taught us that it is completely normal to feel emotions and how to deal with them."

Cherry, Aged 11

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Training for teachers and professionals

Our Heads Up experts can liaise with teaching or pastoral staff to identify the specific needs of small groups or individuals.

Bespoke training can be arranged to meet the needs of both staff and children and specialist teaching tools can be provided specific to the identified needs.

All of our training materials are evidence based and our experts practise in line with boundaries of appropriate professional bodies (NMC and BABCP).